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Duplicity of the right renal vein in Puma concolor (Carnivora: Felidae) a case report

ABSTRACT: The numerical variations of the renal pedicle are important for surgeons and radiologists, although these variations are not so commonly reported in veterinary medicine. The present study aims to describe the duplicity of the renal vein in a puma’s cadaver, discussing the clinical-surgical implications of this anatomical variation. The animal was fixed with formalin solution, injected with colored latex and dissected. Two renal veins were found draining the right kidney: the first, craniodorsal, presented 2.80 cm in length and the second, caudoventral, presented 2.64 cm in length. The right renal artery was single and measured 3.79 in length. In the left kidney, both artery and vein were single, presenting 3.04 cm and 2.91 cm long, respectively. The numerical variations of renal veins should be considered in the execution of surgical, radiological and experimental procedures to prevent errors being made by absence of knowledge of the possibility of existence of double renal veins, both in domestic and wild animals.

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