The nursing team on the front line against COVID-19 - a literature review

  • Cátia Vanessa Rodrigues dos Santos State University of Bahia
  • Agnete Troelsen Pereira Education Department, State University of Bahia
Keywords: COVID-19, Coronavirus, Literature Review.



INTRODUCTION: In the world there are about 28 million nurses, technicians and auxiliary nurses who represent the majority in public and private services, even with the outbreak of the pandemic by the new Coronavirus (COVID-19) these professionals are in the front line of care for cases of the disease. AIM: Discourse on the challenges of nursing in the front line against the coronavirus. MATERIAL AND METHODS: It is a literature review that used the electronic search in the Virtual Health Library (VHL) and the Scientific Electronic Library (SCIELO), of studies published last year, on the theme: "nursing challenges in facing the new coronavirus", in Portuguese and English and Spanish. The descriptors: "Coronavirus" or "Coronavirus Infections" and "Nursing", together with the Boolean operator "AND", were used. For data analysis and interpretation the Bardin Content Analysis Method was used. RESULTS: Six articles, out of thirty-three publications found, met the inclusion criteria and were used to compose this review. According to the literature, one of the main challenges of nursing professionals in facing the coronavirus is the direct exposure and constant receipt of a high viral load, which implies in the high number of infected workers and away from their functions. Also, it concerns the lack of infrastructure, inputs and equipment for individual protection (IPE's) of some health institutions, which limits the assistance provided by the nursing team, moreover, in Brazil, unfair salaries and high working hours further hinder the valorization of this professional class. For more, the frustration caused by the observance of the behavior of the population, disrespecting the social distancing and the preventive measures is also a great challenge for the nursing professionals, because it generates feelings of impotence and invalidity of the labor actions. CONCLUSION: In view of the arguments presented, it is conclusive that the nursing team is at the forefront of the treatment of cases of COVID-19, which refers to an obligation of valuation and respect for these professionals. It is hoped with this work that a new way of seeing the assistance provided by this class will emerge, making the population respect the recommendations of social isolation and managers financially support institutions and workers. 

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