The third age and the Coronavirus: The decision for the death of a more vulnerable group

  • Dalyanne de Brito Pereira College Of Campina Grande
  • Daiane de Brito Pereira College Of Campina Grande
Keywords: Third Age and Coronavirus; Covid-19; Elderly Vulnerability; Coronavirus Infection.


INTRODUCTION: The coronavirus 2 (covid 19) causative agent has arrived in Brazil in February 2020 and it affects, in a cruel way, the elderly people who belongs to the vulnerable group. The considerable framework of the elderly in Brazil becomes worrying because the chronic cardiovascular disease (CCD) keeps affecting them with an increased frequency. AIM: To analyze the possible relation between the heart disease comorbidity and the infection by COVID-19, with a focus in the elderly vulnerability affected by those diseases. MATERIAL AND METHODS: Four scientific articles, published between 2017 and 2020 through the Scielo, PubMed and Google Scholar database were analyzed, the used terms were indexed in the following Health Sciences Descriptors (DeCS): “coronavirus infection”, “Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome”, “cardiovascular diseases” which deal with the main theme discussed here, with the objective to show the correlation previously mentioned. RESULTS: Due to the physiological changes suffered by the elderly, the respiratory infections may result in the unbalance of their immunological system, and the virus may lead to heart muscle injuries. The events altered by the virus in the cardiovascular system are insufficient evidenced, but high-risked infected patients may present arrhythmias, acute heart injuries, tachycardia, etc., needing extra care. Furthermore, data shows that, in China, cardiovascular diseases have relation with the increasing death by covid-19. In addition, according to the Brazilian Society of Cardiology (SBC), the patients over 50 years who carry those diseases, represents 10,5% of the infected, which results in a high mortality rate. CONCLUSION: Upon the research done, it shows up the evident relation between the infection by COVID-19 and the heart disease comorbidity of the elderly. Only in May 2020 were recorded in Brazil 5.894 deaths from patients over 60 years who also suffered from cardiopathy. In the light of this, it is regrettable that, even in front of a worldwide pandemic, there is a chaos in public health, forcing so many healthcare experts have to choose between saving a life, when there are two more lives at stake. In this case, the youngest life is prioritized and, for each choice, the vulnerable patient comes to death. Finally, it is noteworthy to mention that this choice should not be necessary if we could rely on a well-structured public health when facing on this pandemic.

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