Initial attending of the patient with COVID-19 in primary health care

  • Lethicia Beatriz Lima de Mesquita Nova Esperança de Mossoró Nursing School
Keywords: Primary Health Care; SARS-Cov-2; Coronavirus; Covid-19.


INTRODUCTION: Primary healthcare (PHC) is the initial gateway to the Brazilian public health system. In light of the impacts generated by the “SARS-Cov-2 coronavirus” pandemic, countries with PHC established as the gateway to the health system can easily articulate the fight against the pandemic in an intersectoral fashion. In this scenario, Brazil has an advantage considering the structuring of its PHC, based on territorialization. AIM: To discuss the role of primary care in welcoming patients with SARS-Cov-2. MATERIAL AND METHODS: Systematic review carried out on the National Collection of SUS Information Sources database, which is part of the Virtual Health Library, using the descriptors "Care services", "Coronavirus" and "Primary health care". Original articles published in the last year were included. With these inclusion criteria, 12 articles were selected, all relevant to the study. RESULTS: During patient reception, the person with suspicion of the new coronavirus must wear the surgical mask and be guided by health professionals to constantly perform adequate hand hygiene measures. It is worth mentioning that hand hygiene is often associated with the use of personal protective equipment by health professionals and is essential when performing aerosol-generating procedures. In addition, health professionals must notify the case immediately to the Municipal Department of Health / Epidemiological Surveillance and to do so by the fastest possible means of communication in the first 24 hours since suspicion. Furthermore, it is necessary to document the care provided in the Information System (e-SUS AB) as a diagnosis of acute respiratory disease by 2019-nCoV for a proper registration of cases. However, the lack of an electronic medical record that has an interface with e-SUS can be noted. By facilitating access to health services, information technologies increase the equity in access to medical care, which contributes to the effective assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of suspected and positive cases. CONCLUSION: Hence, regarding an analysis of the role of Primary Health Care in the process of combating COVID-19, we can highlight the significant role that early detection and care of mild cases play, as well as in the referral of more severe cases. Furthermore, to improve the quality of care, it is essential to increase financial, human, material resources, and governmental action.

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