Dental care in front of COVID-19: biosafety protocols

  • Álvaro Henrique Moura Fonsêca dos Santos Tabosa de Almeida University Center
  • Pietra Fernanda Guerra Castim Pimentel Tabosa de Almeida University Center
  • José Eudes de Lorena Sobrinho Tabosa de Almeida University Center
Keywords: Biosafety; Dental Care; COVID-19; Clinical Protocols; Safe Dental Approach.


INTRODUCTION: Taking into account the face-to-face proximity between dentists and patients, exposure to saliva and other fluids, the possibility of contact with blood, in addition to the use of manual instruments, sharp or not, it is necessary to increase the care in relation to the management of the patient, cleaning the office and protecting the professional and his team about COVID-19. AIM: To analyze publications of different nationalities, highlighting the main biosafety protocols for dental care before COVID-19. MATERIAL AND METHODS: This is a literature review using publications from the last 6 months in Portuguese, English and Spanish, researched in the following virtual libraries: Virtual Health Library (VHL), Pubmed, Scientific Electronic Library Online (SciELO) and PUBCOVID da Keypoint Group. RESULTS: Reviewing publications from 8 different nationalities (Italy, China, United States of America, Brazil, South Korea, Jordan, England and Argentina) the preventive measures found involve: recommendations for the use of personal protective equipment; clinical protocols to be adopted depending on the patient's variables; adaptations of the work environment; as well as actions that must be adopted, improved or preferred by the dentist. CONCLUSION: A safe dental approach, with the implementation of assertive measures and the correct management of patients, will provide a better perspective regarding the control of contamination and infection by the virus.

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