Maternal care of prevention of COVID-19 contamination in childbirth and post-childhood: A systematic review

  • Evenny Geisy da Silva Souza Potiguar University
  • Francisco Jacinto Silva Santos Júnior Potiguar University
Keywords: Maternal Care; Prevention; COVID-19; SARS-CoV-2; Childbirth; Post-Childhood.


INTRODUCTION: The new Coronavirus, called SARS-CoV-2, by WHO (World Health Organization), is responsible for the current pandemic scenario, where it has mobilized the entire health team to prevent the increase in the number of deaths, through care to resolve the severe respiratory conditions. At the moment, due to the lack of prophylaxis, social isolation is necessary for everyone, including pregnant women, those who have an additional risk factor: exposure, both at delivery and in the puerperium. Because of this, in order to cease with this fear, it becomes necessary to have multi professional knowledge of preventive care for pregnant women and newborns, trying to minimize the impacts and emotional suffering caused by the pandemic, both in babies and in the family.  AIM: The present study aims to present maternal care to prevent the contagion of COVID-19 in childbirth and postpartum. MATERIAL AND METHODS:.It refers to a systematic review in the SciELO, LILACS and google academic databases, using the descriptors in English: Prevention, COVID-19 maternity and in Portuguese: Prevenção, COVID-19 maternity. Inclusion criteria were established: case report, review articles and original articles in Portuguese, English or Spanish, published between the years 2019 to 2020, which covered the theme and did not have restricted access.RESULTS: In view of the 16 selected studies, the main recommendation is not to schedule unnecessary cesarean sections or induce labor, to prevent the newborn (Newborn) from needing hospitalization. In addition, it is necessary to avoid visits in the postpartum period, and the proper use of the protocol (use of a mask, proper hand washing, avoid touching the face and mask ...) for those individuals who need to live with the newborn.CONCLUSION:We concluded from this study that there are specific precautions that must be taken to avoid the newborn's exposure to the virus. However, the literature has shown a low number of studies in relation to protocols that establish the due care of this specific group, in this pandemic period, by health professionals.

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