Importance of nutritional therapy for the recovery of patients with COVID-19: A systematic review

  • Evenny Geisy da Silva Potiguar University
  • Francisco Jacinto Silva Santos Júnior Potiguar University
Keywords: Nutritional therapy; Recovery; Coronavirus.


INTRODUCTION: The infection caused by the new virus of the coronaviridae family, SARS-CoV-2, has caused a great impact in all social spheres. It is a disease with a high rate of contamination, which can manifest asymptomatically or with mild symptoms in healthy individuals, but which can severely compromise patients with chronic diseases. Because there is still no pharmacological treatment with duly proven efficacy, nutritional therapy is necessary to strengthen the immune barrier and consequently contribute to its recovery. AIM: The present study aims to present the importance of nutritional therapy for the recovery of patients with COVID-19. METHODOLOGY:​ This is a systematic review of the SciELO, LILACS, google academic databases, using the descriptors in English: nutritional therapy, COVID-19 and in Portuguese: Nutritional therapy- COVID-19. The following inclusion criteria were defined: Editorials and original articles in Portuguese or English, published between the years 2019 to 2020.There was no submission to the ethics committee because it was a systematic review. RESULTS:​ In the initial research, 52 articles were separated, 41 of which were excluded because they did not fully address the topic or because they had restricted access. Given the findings, the articles highlight interdisciplinarity between nutrition and immunology, where benefits are shown not only in a prophylactic manner, but also in the recovery of the pathological state presented by already infected individuals, since an intact immune system can reduce the time of recovery, due to the organism combating the etiological agent more effectively. Because, as the antibodies start to contain the virus, preventing its replication, the patient has an improvement in the general condition, due to the decrease in symptoms. CONCLUSION:​ From the results presented, it is confirmed that nutritional therapy is extremely important for patients with COVID-19 as it generates several benefits, avoiding worsening of the condition and the need for intensive care such as OTI (orotracheal intubation), for individuals in the ward. As for patients in the ICU (intensive care unit), the presence of nutritional therapy is positive so that there is an improvement in the immune system and, consequently, a better fight against infection. However, studies with representative samples are necessary to evaluate in more detail the benefits for the patient with COVID-19, specifically.

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