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Suprapiriformis exit of the sciatic nerve: a case report

The sciatic nerve is the largest nerve in the human body. It originates from the lumbosacral plexus (L4-S3). This nerve is subject to numerous anatomical variations, especially its relationship with the piriformis muscle. Total hip arthroplasties are one of the most performed procedures in orthopedics, and the later approach to this joint is quite frequent and care with the sciatic nerve is essential to avoid iatrogenic injury. We aim to report a rare anatomical variation of the sciatic nerve found during total hip arthroplasty in which the nerve passed above the piriformis muscle. Anatomical knowledge of these variants directly implies a better surgical technique, thus, the understanding the numerous dispositions of the sciatic nerve prevents iatrogenic injuries.

Keywords: sciatic nerve, anatomical variations, case report, suprapiriformis, total hip arthroplasty

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