Importance of primary the care in addressing the COVID-19 pandemic with prevention and care actions

  • Leandro Ferreira de Moura Pitágoras University Center of Fortaleza
  • Jamile da Silva Freitas Pitágoras University Center of Fortaleza
  • Geovana da Silva Pedrosa Centro Universitário Pitágoras de Fortaleza
  • Italine Maria Lima de Oliveira Belizario Pitágoras University Center of Fortaleza
Keywords: Covid-19; Pandemic; Preventive Care.


INTRODUCTION: In December 2019, the city of Wuhan in China faced several cases of people with pneumonia of unknown origin. The World Health Organization (WHO) has triggered the so-called public health emergency of international interest due to the sudden increase in the number of cases. Primary health care (PHC) is known as the first level of health care and is characterized by actions that aim to reduce the transmission of the virus, which in turn promotes specific organizational measures that for each type of labor and public health actions aimed at control of the pandemic. AIM: To describe the importance of primary care for dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic by prevention and care. MATERIAL AND METHODS: This is a systematic review, which was carried out in the following electronic databases: PubMed, Lilacs, Scielo, and Google Scholar. 418 articles were found and after the inclusion and exclusion criteria, 5 articles were selected in June 2020. The keywords in Portuguese and English were: “Primary Health Care”, “Coronavirus Infections”, “Primary Prevention”. RESULTS: There was significant scientifical evidence about the primary healthcare service collapse brought by the pandemic. This was related to an increase in the number of patients that sought medical help. The evidence found that the investment in infrastructure, training, and strengthening of services applied in primary care guaranteed an organization for the provision of outpatient services in a safe way. Thus, an evaluation of the healthcare services is a positive step to deal with the needs against Covid-19. CONCLUSION: The emphasis of PHC as an important role in the early identification of cases and the correct referral of severely ill patients during one of the greatest public health challenges was one of the most important points found. However, further research in the area is necessary, as the number of scientific papers dealing with the prevention and care of patients with mild to severe symptoms is scarce. This work highlights that these measures should always be based on scientific evidence.

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