Statistical analysis of patients assaulted by firearms in an emergency room in Recife, Pernambuco

  • Camilla Siqueira de Aguiar Federal University of Pernambuco
  • Lohana Maylane Aquino Correia de Lima Federal University of Pernambuco
  • Frederico Marcio Varela Ayres de Melo Junior Maurício de Nassau University
  • Bruna Heloísa Costa Varela Ayres de Melo Maurício de Nassau University
  • Jorge Pontual Waked Federal University of Campina Grande
  • Ricardo Eugenio Varela Ayres de Melo Federal University of Campina Grande
Keywords: Assault By Firearm; Statistical Analysis; Maxillary Fractures; Facial Traumas.


INTRODUCTION: Face traumas are common injuries in emergency hospitals, most of which are due to automobile, sports and physical injuries, which are caused by several factors, including firearms, denoting that the rates of violence in urban centers have increased significantly. Lesions in the maxillary region are severe because they present variable patterns, with chances of causing both total tissue destruction, as well as injury to delicate and important areas, such as joints, nerves and bones of this region leading the patient to aesthetic, functional sequelae and even death. AIM: This study aims to demonstrate a statistical analysis of a retrospective study of patients victims of facial trauma due to firearm projectiles. MATERIAL AND METHODS: A cross-sectional study was conducted, approved by the local ethics committee, in which 8,759 patients treated in the Emergency Room were analyzed and a statistical analysis was performed about facial traumas caused by physical aggressions with PAF at the Restauração Hospital, Recife/PE using descriptive and inferential statistical techniques through a 95.0% confidence interval. RESULTS: Among 8,759 patients treated, 4,548 patients were victims of facial trauma. Among them we observed that physical aggressions (23%) occupied the 3rd place in facial trauma. Among the 1048 cases of physical aggression, the injuries generated by PAF represented 18.7% of the cases. Thus, the most affected bones were found, the Nasal bones were the nasal ones with 29.8% of the cases because it was a bone with lower resistance on the face and of prominent location. Followed by those with 22.2% of patients affected in the zygomatic bone, this being the most delicate fracture of the facial bones due to the anatomy of the region and for filling 2/3 of the floor of the orbit. There are also mandible fractures with 21.3% being the only mobile bone of the face, so it is subject to a greater number of complications. And maxillary fractures that are very complicated by altering the entire facial height, width and respiratory capacity of the patient representing 17.7% of the cases. CONCLUSION: Facial traumas are a significant part of the demand in hospital emergencies, sometimes due to gunshot wounds, which have been pointed out as serious public health problems worldwide.

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de Aguiar, C., de Lima, L. M., Junior, F. M., de Melo, B. H., Waked, J., & de Melo, R. E. (2021). Statistical analysis of patients assaulted by firearms in an emergency room in Recife, Pernambuco. Acta Scientiae Anatomica, 1(Suppl 2), 31-32. Retrieved from