Basis of speech therapy rehabilitation with patients victims of COVID-19

  • Taciana Melo Cruz UNISÃOMIGUEL University Center
  • Amanda Emanuelle Sales da Silva UNISÃOMIGUEL University Center
  • Tatiana de Paula Santana da Silva UNISÃOMIGUEL University Center
Keywords: Rehabilitation; Covid-19; Pandemic; Speech Therapy.


INTRODUCTION: The infection with the new coronavirus (COVID-19) has a lethality estimated much bigger than influenza infection, besides being the high contagion rate has caused a significant expansion of the epidemic. According to data from the Brazilian Ministry of health, shows the new coronavirus killed around 13 times more Brazilians than influenza A, caused by the influenza virus H1N1. Until April 6th this year, 41 deaths by influenza A were registered against 553 fatal victims by Covid-19. Until May this year, 514 thousand cases and 29,314 thousand deaths by COVID-19 had been confirmed. The initial presentation of Covid-19it resembles the flu, with symptoms like fever, cough, sore throat, and runny nose. Approximately 80% of patients recover without complications, however. Remaining 20%, develop dyspnoea and hypoxemia secondary to viral pneumonia and require hospitalization for oxygen therapy, in addition to other interventions and approximately a quarter of these (about 5% of the total) evolve critical condition due to respiratory failure, intravascular coagulation disseminated blood, circulatory shock or multiple organ dysfunction, requiring care at the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and the multidisciplinary care team, especially when the clinical condition is stabilized and the discharge protocol is started. AIM:  To present from the literature review, the scientific basis, the basis of speech therapy rehabilitation of patients victims of COVID-19. MATERIAL AND METHODS: A literature review was done based on data from the search for national publications, through the descriptors: Covid-19, speech therapy and rehabilitation. RESULTS: The speech therapist professional integrates the multidisciplinary team. with several other specialties. The speech therapy work, in the ICU or in the wards, is able to reduce comorbidities and mortality, promote faster and safer hospital discharge, and reduces hospital costs too. CONCLUSION: From this review, it's important to highlight the work speech therapy in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic is essential because besides reducing the sequelae of the infection rehabilitation process, it helps to improve the life quality.

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