Variation in coronary arteries and clinical implication

  • Gabriela Andrade Bachur
  • Raianne Stéfane Dias Ribeiro
  • Camila Carvalho
Keywords: coronary, arteries, variations, anomalies


The coronary arteries are responsible for the supply of the myocardium, supplying oxygen supply to this organ, so it is extremely important that the anatomy of these arteries be studied both from the normal point of view and in their possible variations and anomalies. In view of this situation, whatever the change, be it structural, functional or anatomical, we can think of important clinical repercussions. Anomalies, even rare, when found can promote from asymptomatic cases to mild, moderate symptoms and, the most serious: sudden death. Thus, when recognized, they can guarantee a better prognosis through appropriate and targeted treatment. That said, the present case report describes a variation of the coronary arteries in a dissected and glycerin heart of an Anatomy Laboratory. After the description, it is necessary to highlight the importance of the apparent clinical correlations, forms of prevention and even treatment that can be instituted before the individual has any associated comorbidity.

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