The accessory bile duct and the duct of Luschka

Keywords: Anatomic variations, gallblader, hepatic duct, liver, surgery


Variations of the bile ducts system are well described in the literature. The duct of Luschka is characterized as an accessory bile duct that drains the V hepatic segment. Despite that, there are different definitions reported in the literature, which causes confusion for surgeons and anatomists. Accessory bile ducts are significant as it can drain the liver parenchyma directly. Furthermore, they can be injured during hepatobilliary surgeries, with special mention to cholecystectomies. Due to the increase in rates of gallbladder removal, it is worth mentioning and studying this anatomical variation and it is necessary to elucidate its actual nomenclature. Even though eponyms are falling into desuse in its anatomical sense, they abundantly used in surgery and clinical classes. We aim to report the presence of an accessory bile duct and discuss its surgical implications and its eponym.

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